Thursday, May 7, 2009


we have got a few more smiles today. She is letting me in a little by little. We even shared cheerios and she would hand me some. That is a win in my book. I will take what I can get. She is being lazy and not wanting to walk.We have seen her walk so we know she can. She is just plopping in the floor. The people here in Chengdu all just stare at us when we are out on the street. We met a young lady tonight at dinner. She was so nice and told us that Maggie is very lucky to be coming to America. Maggie has a little attitude also we have seen that the past two days. She will kick and roll over mad.
Today we went to the Chengdu Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum. It was neat to see how they make them. Some pieces take two years to make. It takes two people to make them. It is amazing to see two people operate the wood machine. It is almost like an organ with the foot petals they use.
We want thank you all for leaving the messages on the blog. We will print them out when we get home for her scrap book. We are truly blessed to have so many people that care about us.


  1. hey angie and kevin,

    the little sister has an attitude.ha ha. she is beautiful. can't wait to see her. be careful. love you guys
    phyllis and sara

  2. Kevin and Angie,
    I have been following your journey thru an email connection to your blog sent to Patrick from Beverly. I an so happy you all are having this experience. Maggie is surely a special, beautiful little girl and I know you will be great parents. I hope Maggie and Hannah can become close cousins. Jeremy and Donna are having a boy. Who would have thought a year ago all this would happen. we all are truly blessed in so many ways. Can't wait to meet Maggie but I know we can't bombard you all at once. Glad she is letting you into her world. I can only imagine how confused her little mind is right now. She will be hanging around your neck in no time. Have a safe trip home and we will see you soon.
    Love Maxine and Earl

  3. Dear Angie and Kevin, We have been following this amazing journey...Hannah is asking daily how much longer until she gets to meet her new girl cousin. She is so excited...we all are so happy for you both. I am looking forward to the day I can explain to Maggie how it feels to be a "wanted" child. She will realized how lucky she is to be chosen by you both. I wish you all the best and we look forward to your safe return. Love Liz, Dewayne, Hannah and Trevor.

  4. Bease and Ang!

    Greetings from the ole US of A!!!That's right, the states, the land of opportunity, the home of the brave, blah blah blah. I just wanted to drop in and say that I am so proud of you both and extremely happy for you! I can only imagine the things that you both have seen while acquiring your beautiful new daughter. Please take plenty of pictures and remember, this will be one of the greatest moments in both of your lives so don't hold back! Wishing you well in your journey back to the states and enjoy your remaining time over there. Kevin, Boe-Tel misses ya too!

    Take Care,