Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We had a great day. Maggie loved the park. She loved to swing,she was not scared at all. The higher you swung her the harder she would laugh. We thought she was going to ware us out with the slide.
Angie left the house for the first time and of course she cried that Momma left,but I just took her outside and took her mind off of it. It felt great to hold her without crying and pulling away. She did great for her first time without Mom around.
Maggie is a fast learner she says bye-bye and understands stand up and sit down. This is great when she lays in the floor with her tantrums. We just tell her to stand up now and she does.Well most the time . She is very shy around other people can't wait for her to allow people to see her personality because she is so funny and sweet.

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