Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Went to Civil Affairs office today finalize the adoption. Tomorrow we go back to pickup papers and to a park. Today was a rough day. Maggie has wore Angie out. She cries every time she puts her down. We both are just mentally drained. She will not let me give Angie a break at all. We are all going to get through this day by day. There is another couple down the hall at our hotel that adopted a little girl the same day. We have gone to eat together and talked they are really nice.
We go to bed tonight hoping and praying that tomorrow is going to be better.


  1. yall will get through it:) I Love You!

  2. Kevin and Angie...I can not imagine how much you guys are going through right now... I am sure the three of you are hanging in with all of your will have lots to tell her when she gets the mean time..she will look in your eyes and see and feel the best love in the world...thinking about you constantly!!!!love, Janet

  3. Angie and Kevin,
    I am so happy for y'all. Hang in there during these first few days... She will bring you so much joy! You guys are going to be wonderful parents! Can't wait to meet her. I will be thinking about all 3 of you during this transition.
    Sarah Hughes (Goodin)