Friday, May 15, 2009


We are finally home after a thirty hour journey from China. All of which Maggie slept for two hours. We had a two hour delay in Tokyo and had to reschedule flight from Chicago to Nashville. We arrived in Chicago and flight home was delayed two hours also. We were greeted by all of our family at the airport. Maggie is doing well after her first day home. I am glad she can finally be in one place without having to pickup and sleep in a different bed. She loves her toys and has been pushing her shopping cart all over the house. She had macaroni for the first time and loves it.
We will continue to post updates of her progress as she adapts to her new home and family.

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  1. I see when you posted the last message was at 4:40 am. Bet you will be glad to be back on Central Standard time. Glad you all arrived home safe and sound. Maggie is precious.
    Love to you all,